QSL Information for DL7DF DXpeditions

The QSL route for DL7DF DXpeditions is via DL7DF either direct to:

Sigi Presch, DL7DF
Wilhelmsmuehlenweg 123
12621 Berlin

or via the German QSL bureau DARC to DL7DF.

If you prefer a direct QSL please send a SASE or SAE with 1 new IRC or 2 US$ for a international letter. When sending IRC's please check the expiration date, the new ones are valid until the end of 2025.

We ask to refrain from sending IRCs. It is increasingly difficult to post letters with IRCs at Deutsche Post branches. Many branches have closed, the distances are very long.

Any donations are very welcome and needed for the high shipping costs.

If you do not provide the right return postage or a self addressed envelope, we reply via the buro. Please only one call sign per envelope! If more than one, all additional cards go via the buro.

Attention: The postal rates change on 01.01.2021.

Postage needed then for 1 envelope with 20 Gramm (FYI): A letter within DL = 85 Euro Cent, an international letter costs 110 Euro Cent. 1 US$ is equal to 95 Euro Cent. So please keep in mind that 1 US$ - due to the bad exchange rate between the US$ and the Euro - does not cover the postage needed for an international air mail letter!

We usually upload all logs of a DXpedition to LoTW within 6 months after the DXpedition.